Mexican Molotov

The name is more intimidating that the actual heat-level. Mexican Molotov’s flavor explodes with fire roasted Fresno and Orange Habaneros. Layered with Mexican oregano, cumin, and a range of global and savory spices, this balanced chilli sauce delivers hints of smoked Spanish Paprika, mild sweetness from the ripened red Fresno chillies and Mexican cane sugar; we use charred onion, Christopher Ranch Heirloom Garlic for depth of flavor, white and apple cider vinegar, and Kosher/natural sea salt to finish this bold and richly textured sauce. It enhances grilled shrimp, beef salads, dressings for hearty salads, fish tacos, burgers, quesadillas, kabobs, Mediterranean style foods, and more.
Heat: 5 / 10.


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